1. Getting Around

Q. What is the ability of the tour guide like?
A. Our tour guides are experienced, with National Certificate from National Tourism Board. Our tour guides are always received the positive feedback from our customers.

Q. Can I ride a motorbike in Vietnam?
A. Yes, you can ride a motorbike to go anywhere in Vietnam if you have the motorbike driving license. You had better learn about the area before you go. Or you can rent our tour guide to go with you.

2. Time and weather

Q. When is the best time of year to visit in Vietnam?
A. The weather in Vietnam is split in the region. There are four seasons in Northern Vietnam while Southern Vietnam only has two main seasons which are the rainy season and dry season. So, the best time to visit Southern Vietnam is from November to January, but you can decide to visit the north between the hot and humid summertime and the cool and dry winter. 

3. Visa

Q. What is visa on arrival?
A. Visa on Arrival or VOA is the most legal way to enter in Vietnam.
The procedure to get a VOA in Vietnam is very simple:
1. Fill your personal information in “online application”,
2. Make secure online payment
3. Get your approval letter with-in 3 workings days by email
4. Get your Visa stamps upon arrival at Vietnam International airport (Hanoi Airport, Ho Chi Minh Airport, Da Nang Airport…).

Q. How long is the process for getting the approval letter?
A. You can get the approval letter within three processing times below:
- Normal (2 – 3 working days)
- Urgent (1 working day)
- Supper urgent ( at least 8 hours before boarding your flight).

Q. How do I pay for getting my visa?
A. You have to pay two different fees:
- The service fee online. 
- The stamp fee ( it has to be paid upon your arrival at Vietnam Airport in the Immigration Office).