There is a mysterious island paradise near Phu Quoc named Fingernail island, which is the destination of those who love to move to explore the wild beauty.

The island of Fingernail is in Duong Hoa commune, Kien Luong district, located off the coast of Kien Giang province, north of Phu Quoc island, between the Ba Lua archipelago and the Pirate islands.

Fingernail Phu Quoc island has long been famous as a place with rare charming scenery and clear water that travelers can see through the bottom. So if you like the wild, beautiful, and calm sea, then Phu Quoc Day Trip with Finger Island and May Rut Island is for you.

During the war, this place was a refuge for evacuees. Today, due to harsh conditions, There are not crowded residents on the island. However, that becomes an attractive factor for travelers who want to enjoy peaceful space or couples who want to find absolute privacy.

Transport to Fingernail Island

Because this is a new tourist site that has newly been explored, there are no regular tours taking travelers here.

To reach the island, you must go to Phu Quoc and then go to An Thoi port to go to the island. The phone number for renting a canoe to the island is 038-7820-424 (Mr. The).

The canoe will take you to the island to have fun and visit from morning to afternoon. The price is about 3 million for 5-6 people.

Tourists can reach Fingernail island only by canoes

Tourists can reach Fingernail island only by canoes

Best time to travel

The best time to go to the pearl island of Phu Quoc is the dry season, from the end of October until March of the following year. Besides, it can last until May if the weather is favorable. At this time, the climate in Phu Quoc is less rainy, comfortable, and the waves are calm, very convenient for traveling and relaxation.

It is also the peak season that attracts many visitors to Phu Quoc to attend Speedboat tour to 4 islands in the South. Therefore, if you travel at this time, find out and book accommodation in advance to make sure there is a comfortable getaway when coming here.

In the remaining months from the end of April to the beginning of October, the number of tourists decreases because this is the rainy season in Phu Quoc.

Sometimes, some storms will hinder many activities of tourists. Therefore, room prices and services here are also significantly reduced.

Experiences on Fingernail island

Immersing yourself in the blue sea

Fingernail island is an ideal place for camping, exploring the uninhabited islands, and admiring the beautiful natural scenery. Arriving at Fingernail island, you will see the clear turquoise sea water imprinted with green coconut trees, the stones entirely laid by the hand, and the white sand with unique beauty.

Going deeper into the island, travelers will see the grass fields spreading.

You can also catch some Mong Tay trees (Fingernail trees) - the reason why the island has this particular name. In your ears, there is only the sound of the waves and the wind, which eliminates all the noise of the town. The feeling of being harmonious with the space of heaven and earth will create an excellent impression on those who come here.

Snorkeling and watching corals

The water here is clear enough for travelers to see the corals

The water here is clear enough for travelers to see the corals

The cooling water here will pamper your feet, and then you can also fish and catch crabs. The most special is the experience of diving and watching coral. The coral ecosystem here is ranked first in Vietnam in terms of abundance with 17 different types of soft, hard, and other different anemones. The colorful coral reefs will surely impress visitors to Phu Quoc island.

Taking photos and checking in

The photography interest of young people will be maximized in the Fingernail island that the scene is both beautiful and unique. It is the ideal backdrop for your photos. No less impressive is watching the sunset or sunrise here and capturing that beautiful moment.

May you don't know that the Fingernail island has become a proposal for a foreign couple. Soon, this place will probably become a dating place to witness many romantic love stories. The proposal and wedding photography at Fingernail island promise to be a memory full of unforgettable elements.

Listening to the Robinson anecdote

When you come here, you can discover the "legend" of a real Robinson. That is the story of the "island lord" named An, who is under 40 and has a nickname "blind knight." He was the one who brought life to this deserted island 13 years ago.

Although he can not see anything, he can swim from the island to the mainland, fast for the whole month, and anticipate the storms of the sea, etc. Those strange things would surely contribute to your expedition's exciting and thrilling parts.


Enjoy a barbecue party on the coast

Enjoy a barbecue party on the coast

In addition to buying seafood to bring to Fingernail island to grill and organize a BBQ party, when visiting Phu Quoc island, you can enjoy many attractive dishes here such as herring salad, grilled fish or chicken, etc.