Kho island is a famous tourist destination of Quy Nhon. It is located in Hai Dong village, Nhon Hai commune, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province, about 15 km from Quy Nhon city center. The island doesn't have the big old trees as well as dense population but it has fine sandy beaches, colorful coral reefs and unique cuisine that definitely attracts many tourists, especially sea enthusiasts.

The best time to visit Kho island 

Kho island attracts tourists by entertainment activities associated with beautiful scenes. Around March to September, the sea is calm with the light rolling waves, it is the time tourists come here in large numbers.

Kho island

Kho island

Activities in Kho island 

Dive to see coral

Kho island attracts tourists by snorkeling, watching coral, fishing, swimming, etc. The sea-bathing tour is a special feature for the trip Phu Quoc full day with Cable Car & 3 islands. Tourists will have the chance to experience diving to see the coral reefs around the island, the sea bottom is a fanciful nature picture that mother nature gives. The coral at Kho island has all shapes, below the depth of about 1m - 2m.
Each tourist to Hon Kho has to rent a boat to go to the island to swim, snorkel and watch the coral and return to the mainland for about VND 350,000 / trip, lunch and freshwater bath ticket about VND 130,000 / person.

Watch special sea creatures

Coming to Kho island, tourists can see thousands of different kinds of marine creatures. Kho island is a place to store rare animals, if you are lucky, you will have a chance to see special sea turtles. At night, visitors can witness the exciting "laying egg" process of turtles.

Camping, watching the sea with fishermen

If you are unable to dive, you can participate in activities at the beach campsite, play on the smooth golden sand, sit fishing in a quiet setting. Sometimes, you can also follow fishermen to experience fishing on the sea.

Kho island

Kho island

Visiting ancient architectural works

Kho Island is mentioned not only for swimming and snorkeling activities but for learning the local culture and history. There are two important buildings for people on Phu Quoc tours that you should come to visit. The architecture of the ancient Cham people emerges when the island in the dry season and Huong Mai pagoda with many La Han statues, it is 2 destinations to hold the guests when coming to Kho island. Two places associated with the mystery and sacredness of the island.

Eating in Kho island

Coming to Kho island, tourists will enjoy familiar dishes with local people here such as grouper, sea eel, etc. There are also snails, lobster and many other seafood. Visitors can expose themselves for hours on the golden sand and enjoy fresh seafood caught and processed by Nhon Hai people as required.
In particular, to Kho island, visitors can not ignore the dish from Cau Gai (also known as sea urchin or Nhum, round body with many black spines). Cau Gai is rich in nutritional content. Fishermen have to dive very carefully to catch Cau Gai intact. Cau Gai can process into diverse dishes such as thorny bridge eaten with mustard, grilled chili salt, baked onion, porridge, steamed, fried that bring high nutritional value, become featured for Kho island cuisine.

Notes when traveling in Kho island

  • It is necessary to bring anti-carsick medicines, mosquito repellent, insect repellent and sunscreen when going to the island.
  • Please bring your ID card to deposit for renting boat, hotel.
  • There should be enough protective equipment such as life jackets, swimming goggles when you want to scuba dive to see the coral. 
  • You remember to bring a camera to hunt the unique and strange images of this place.

Taking the backpack to experience Kho island, guests will feel fresh air and unforgettable images of clear blue sea and brilliant coral reefs. Kho island becomes a charming and captivating place for tourists. If you want to travel to the sea, planning to Kho island to discover all the beauty of this Southern Central region of Vietnam.