Hon Thom island is located in Hon Thom archipelago in the south of Phu Quoc pearl island. It is where the water is very deep and clear with beautiful rocky rapids in various fancy shapes.

What to do in Hon Thom island

Diving to see coral reefs

At the bottom of the sea, there are colorful coral forests and sea creatures (especially in the north of the main island), so Hon Thom is one of the most beautiful diving places in Phu Quoc. At Thom island, there are many outstanding diving spots to watch corals, but the most praised is Ky Lan cape.


Hon Thom island also has many beaches for bathing, of which the most attractive ones are Bai Nom, Bai Nam, Bai Chuong, and Bai Trao beaches with coconut trees shading on the smooth white sand and clear blue sea.

Swimming in Thom island

Swimming in Thom island

Fishing squids and enjoying seafood

In the captivating scenery of the Hon Thom heaven, you can walk on the smooth sand as ice-cream, or swim in the clear water watching fish and corals, thrilled to wait for sea fish, fish squid, and enjoy the delicious seafood prepared in all kinds of steaming, grilling, stir-frying, etc.

Exploring traditional villages and local life

Nany aquaculture and pearl breeding areas exist around the island of Thom island. There is also a famous squid fishing village, so traveling to Hon Thom island, you can freely visit these farms, fish squids, buy or and enjoy fresh seafood here. If you want to buy pearls, just come out here.

The characteristic of Hon Thom island is that there are lots of coconuts and rocks. In general, many beautiful places are very suitable to take photos.

Few people on the island build restaurants and offer tourism services to serve guests from Duong Dong and An Thoi towns. The rest earn a living by squid and herring fishing. If you can stay for 2-3 days, you can join the squid, herring fishing tour with relatives at night and in the morning.

Fishing is an exciting activity here

Fishing is an exciting activity here

Notably, if you have the opportunity, do not forget to experience catching sea urchin on Phu Quoc tours, then ask the people to process it into local specialties.

If you love exploring wild nature, you can also rent a boat, visit the unspoiled small islands around Hon Thom main island.

How to go to Hon Thom island

By ship

To get to Hon Thom commune, from Duong Dong town of the center of Phu Quoc island, you can catch a taxi or a passenger car to go to An Thoi seaport. There are also buses now.

From the seaport, you take a ship to Hon Thom island. The travel time of each journey is about 30 minutes. That is, from Duong Dong town, it will take you about 1 hour to ride a motorbike and take a train to Hon Thom island.

The ticket price is VND 50,000/person. The ship starts going to Hon Thom at 9.30 am, and 11.30 am and departs from Hon Thom port to An Thoi at 1:45 pm, 2:30 pm, and 5:00 pm.

If you want to go faster, then hire a speedboat, which takes you only about 15 minutes to Hon Thom island. The rental fee is VND 300,000.

By cable car

Getting to Thom island by cable cars

Getting to Thom island by cable cars

In February 2016, Sun Group officially opened a cable car line from An Thoi town to Hon Thom island. The total length of this route is 7,899 meters, crossing the small islands outside An Thoi port of Hon Dua, Hon Ro and then taking you to the center of the big Hon Thom island.

Hon Thom cable car has two stations in An Thoi and Hon Thom, with 69 cabins. The travel time is only 15 minutes.

If you go by cable car, it is convenient to see all the islands in the south of Phu Quoc from above, a very romantic and enjoyable feeling. The current cable car fare is VND 500,000 for adults and VND 350,000 for children.

The pristine beauty of the island

The pristine beauty of the island

If you love the pristine beauty, from Thom island, you can still go to other small islands outside like May Rut and Fingernail islands, etc. To get to these spots, you still have to catch a ship or canoe on Phu Quoc full-day tours with Cable Car & 3 islands.