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    Phu Quoc Adventure Boat tour


    3 reviews - Good

    Spending a day to discover Phu Quoc Island is really an enjoyable trip

    • TOUR LINE Kampong Jerudong - Kampong Jerudong
    • DURATION 1 day
    • START/END IN Kampong Jerudong / Kampong Jerudong
    • TRAVEL TYPE Cruise tour


    1 day

    From US$28 pp

Hanoi Excursions - Why you should choose this

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and the country's second largest city by population. The city lies on the right bank of the Red River. Undergoing 1,000 years, witnessing all ups and downs of Vietnam history, Hanoi – a dynamic capital of Vietnam is one of the “most-wanted” destinations which keeps inside many of the historic and cultural vestiges for every foreign tourist who has a chance to travel to Vietnam. It is also a pride of Vietnamese people in general and Hanoians in particular.

With its tree-fringed boulevards, more than two dozen lakes and thousands of French colonial-era buildings, Hanoi is a popular tourist destination. Hanoi is the perfect foil for the seething mass of humanity that is Ho Chi Minh City. With a population of four million and a more genteel style than its southern counterpart, Hanoi is the cultural capital of Vietnam and its heart and soul.