5 must-come Phu Quoc’s fishing villages

5 must-come Phu Quoc’s fishing villages

The gorgeous beauty of Phu Quoc has charmed any tourist’s heart who has traveled once. 

Besides spending time lazing yourself on beautiful beaches, fishing villages there are worth a visit. It’s a chance for you to understand more about the life of fishers here.

In this post, we’re going to introduce to you these most charming places.

Top 5 must-come Phu Quoc fishing villages

  1. Ham Ninh Fishing Village
  2. Hon Thom Fishing Village
  3. Rach Tram Fishing Village
  4. Ganh Dau Fishing Village
  5. Cua Can Fishing Village

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Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Starting from Duong Dong town center, going back to the Northeast less than 20km, you will come to Ham Ninh commune. The ancient village nestled at the foot of the Ham Ninh mountain range is one of the emerging destinations for tourists.

The fishing village still retains its simplicity and pristine condition, which has not been affected much by tourism activities.

People here mainly live on sea fishing, crab and shrimp catching, and nudibranchs and pearl catching. 

Nobody knows when this village has been there.  A long time ago, residents came here to exploit seafood, then set up a village when Phu Quoc island was still deserted. \Coming to Ham Ninh, you can also visit Bai Vong wharf or swim at Ham Ninh beach. 

The best moment to enjoy the beauty of Ham Ninh fishing village is in the early morning, the sunset or moonlit nights. Moreover, tourists can see Hai Tac archipelago in the southeast, Nghe Islet looming over the water or Ong Doi Cape - the last point of Phu Quoc island when standing from the Ham Ninh.

Ham Ninh fishing village

Ham Ninh fishing village

Hon Thom Fishing Village

After 30 minutes traveling by boat from An Thoi port, you will arrive at Hon Thom Island to see firsthand the view of a coastal fishing village. Images of people sitting leisurely on the grid next to the makeshift houses on the beach will give you a feeling of tranquility.

Floating houses cultivate aquatic products with rare and precious creatures such as turtles, abalone, cotton grouper, or sharks.

Besides, the natural beauty miraculously manifests itself through the fine white sand, the murmur of coconut trees in the wind, and the crystal clear sea water. 

The village is the most ideal coral viewing spot in An Thoi island. In addition, you can also go fishing with the fishermen or try to conquer the rocks outside the rapids to get unforgettable experiences.

Rach Tram Fishing Village

Located at the farthest north of Phu Quoc Island, the Rach Tram fishing village is almost separate from everything outside. 

Previously, when the traffic system on the island was not developed, the fastest way to get to Rach Tram was to take the boat. But today, it is much more convenient. 

Rach Tram fishing village

Rach Tram fishing village

In the past, Rach Tram fishing village was home to Cambodians who crossed the border to Vietnam and also where the poor people settled, hoping for a better life.

Arriving at Rach Tram fishing village, the first special thing you feel is the absolute peace here, unlike the noise in the center of Phu Quoc Island. You can stand on the raft house to feel yourself so small between the immense sea, or stand on the bridge watching the starfish beneath the clear water.

Also, you can walk to discover the rich vegetation with rare wild orchids, or you also have the opportunity to sit on a small wooden boat down the Rach Tram River, watching the forest along the river banks. 

Ganh Dau Fishing Village

Ganh Dau Cape is located in the North of Phu Quoc Island, is the first place of this pearl island. Looking from the sea to the shore, the land spread out.

Landscape in Ganh Dau is peaceful with deep blue sea and smooth yellow sand. At the end of Ganh Dau Cape, there are many rocks of fantasy shapes.

From the coast of Ganh Dau Cape, you can see Ban Islet and Thay Boi Islet - famous tourist spots in Phu Quoc. Also, you can see Ta Lon mountain (Bokor plateau) of neighboring Cambodia.

The fishing village here is relatively small, in which the life of the people is rustic. The seafood here is very cheap. 

Ganh Dau Fishing Village

Ganh Dau Fishing Village

Cua Can Fishing Village

Cua Can fishing village is located in the north and about 14 km from Duong Dong town, a few kilometers from Ong Lang beach. The fishing village is quite small, lying peacefully beside a secluded beach.

The difference of Cua Can fishing village is the Cua Can river running through Phu Quoc primeval forest.

Floating along Cua Can River, you can see the daily life of residents along the bank or see the returning boat full of shrimp and fish.

Cua Can River is softly winding through Phu Quoc primeval forest and is a place for you to explore rivers and forests or try exciting kayaking.

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