Best Dishes In Phu Quoc Tips You Will Read This Year

Best Dishes In Phu Quoc Tips You Will Read This Year

The island of Phu Quoc pearl island is not only attracted to the natural beauty of paintings but also holds the tourists' stay with delicious dishes.

So, are you looking for the best dishes for enjoying in Phu Quoc island?

5 best seafood dishes in Phu Quoc

  1. Grilled abalone
  2. Grilled garoupa fish
  3. Ham Ninh crab
  4. Grilled murex troscheli snails
  5. "Ken" noodle

Continue reading the post to know these mouth-watering foods in Phu Quoc island.

Grilled abalone

In addition to the famous name of Phu Quoc abalone, the locals here are also called atoms, maybe because it is like a human ear.

Fresh abalone can be processed with many rustic dishes such as boiled, baked, stir-fried, and porridge. The most attractive is the grilled abalone.

After washing, use a blaster set on a charcoal grill. When the ripe is coming, the abalone's mouth will foam. At that time, we used sauce including a mixture of fat, green onions, garlic, and pureed ginger poured right into the abalone mouth and enjoyed the hot time to feel the deliciousness and sweetness of the island specialties.

Best Dishes In Phu Quoc Tips You Will Read This Year

Abalone shells are also used by Oriental medicine as a medicine called "jelly." Many studies have shown that abalone shells contain calcium carbonate, magnesium, iron, silicon, phosphate, and chloride. According to Oriental medicine, abalone shells have a salty taste, welding properties, impact on the meridians of kidneys and cans, help to lower fire, treat headache, dizziness, and red eyes.

Grilled garoupa fish

In the list of Phu Quoc seafood, garoupa fish is a very delicious type, but not everyone knows about this fish. Phu Quoc grilled fish is sweet and very fishy, very firm and slightly chewy.

If anyone has come to some waters such as Phan Thiet or Vung Tau Long Hai, perhaps also know or try the grilled fish dish or sweet cooking is quite delicious, but when trying out grilled fish in Phu Quoc then will know very well the taste very differently.

Ham Ninh crab

Crabs are a fairly common type of seafood and are available in many seas. Traveling Phu Quoc in addition to enjoying sim wine is also served fresh Ham Ninh Crab.

Ham Ninh crab is quite small but the meat is firm, it is very fragrant, fresh and delicious sweetness is nowhere to be found. Ham Ninh's crab is attractive and not inferior to Ca Mau sea crab, Huynh De crab of Nha Trang or any specialties in Halong.

People here recommend that catching live crabs to boil immediately, eating with lemon pepper salt is the best, so enjoy the sweet and firm taste of the crab meat.

Grilled murex troscheli snails

Seafood is amazing things in Phu Quoc and is considered as one of the most attractive things with tourists. Therefore, when visiting the place, you can not forget to enjoy delicious grilled murex troscheli snails.

Barbed snails are abundant in Khem and Sao Phu Quoc beaches. The snails are relatively rare, so they are rarely sold in seafood stores like other snails.

Furthermore, before eating, you should choose the ones that have just cooked and then use the sharp bamboo stick to remove the meat. The aroma of the nose is enough to stimulate the taste, making people eager to enter. Snail meat is opalescent, full, and slowly chewed into the mouth will feel both fat, chewy, crunchy, strong flavor different from the taste of snail, clam or oyster.

"Ken" noodle

There are types of noodle in Phu Quoc, but Ken noodle is a wonderful and must-try dish in here.

Ken noodle is rarely mentioned in Vietnamese cuisine. This noodle in Phu Quoc is also rarely sold by large processors on a large scale. Mostly, only local people actually buy fish to prepare and cook food in the family.

Best Dishes In Phu Quoc Tips You Will Read This Year

Raw materials for making the dish are very simple: fresh, small rice vermicelli, and raw vegetables including herbs, laksa leaves, cucumber, prices, and papaya. The noodle is as a combination of white vermicelli colors, price, green of vegetables, red chili, yellow-orange of papaya, and gold of broth and mashed fish, along with the fat leopard of coconut milk, the sweet sweetness of fish, spicy chili. Diners can arbitrarily taste but reduce more sweet and sour sauce prepared.

Hope that after the post, tourists will have the useful and necessary information about Phu Quoc in general and delicious dishes in particular.