Specialties In Phu Quoc And Love Have 5 Things In Common

Specialties In Phu Quoc And Love Have 5 Things In Common

The story of white sandy beaches on the blue sea with unspoiled and pure space is nothing to discuss the beauty of paradise island of Phu Quoc pearl

However, Phu Quoc also makes people fascinated by 5 specialties that are not easy to find in other places.

Look through the post to find out what are Phu Quoc’s specialties?

1/ Melaleuca mushroom - Phu Quoc specialty is abundant in the rainy season

If the West is known to the specialty of the termite mushroom, Phu Quoc is famous for its melaleuca mushroom. This is a delicious mushroom that is not inferior to straw mushrooms or abalone mushrooms.

Specialties In Phu Quoc And Love Have 5 Things In Common

Melaleuca mushrooms are purple as the color of mangosteen, beginning to gradually develop and last for more than 1 month of the beginning of the rainy season from the time of growing to the end. Furthermore, the life cycle of melaleuca mushrooms is only within 5 to 7 days. Because the growth cycle of this mushroom is very short, they are less commercially available than other fungi. This is a natural fungus so people on Phu Quoc island have to go to the cajuput areas to pick and bring it for processing.

2/ Holothurian

Holothurian is also the ginseng of the sea from ancient to present this species is classified into 4 precious foods such as sea cucumbers, monkey brains, bare hands, bird nests. Holothurian which is a type of invertebrate lives on sandy or dead corals. Most concentrated in the depth of 2-5m, common in the bay and places with many reefs.

Currently, this species is quite rare but still exists in Ham Ninh market, so the price also increases many times. Holothurian is a species that specializes in eating corpses of animals under the sea and reproducing by launching sperm and eggs into the sea. One of the ways they catch prey is to stay in the waves and catch species floating in it with tentacles when the tentacles open. They can be found in large numbers next to human marine fish farms. Their bodies resemble cucumber-shaped.

Holothurian is a favorite seafood dish because of its high nutrition, high-quality food. So people in the area often go to the sea to catch sea cucumbers and process them into nutritious seafood. To catch sea cucumbers, catch them at night. After catching, we have to dry and then sell.

3/ King of crab

Red crab with red roses and apricot square. Long crab heads, paws, and short sticks. This type of crab is most popular in December of the lunar calendar. Crab meat is not the only firm but the fragrant and greasy part of the crab's brick. Furthermore, King crabs can be processed in a variety of ways, such as steaming, grilling, but a special mention of porridge.

Specialties In Phu Quoc And Love Have 5 Things In Common

4/ Sea urchin- Specialty of Phu Quoc sea

Is a product that Phu Quoc people both love and hate and hate when diving into the sea is prone to sticking. But in exchange for pompoms is a "remarkable" product of the people here.

In Phu Quoc, the villagers call the thorns as small pups, often eating live with lemon salt or cooking porridge. Amazingly, Phu Quoc sea jasmine flavor is not like any other seafood. Its meat and eggs are both sweet, fatty, fragrant like brick crabs and salty aftertaste of the sea.

There are many ways to eat at Phu Quoc tourist destination. In Central Vietnam, fishermen often take spiced meat and eggs and sauté them before putting them in a porridge. Also in Phu Quoc, relatives choose fresh freshly caught jerks to cut thorns, split them, wash them and put them on roasted embers, add the onion fat to the nose. New customers hear the smell is eager.

5/ Ham Ninh Crab

Crabs in Phu Quoc are all delicious, but the most special is Ham Ninh crabs. Ham Ninh crabs are much smaller than other places but the meat is firm, sweet, fragrant and flavor can conquer even the most fastidious diners. Come to Ham Ninh which is Phu Quoc's oldest fishing village, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy these Delicious dishes made from crabs like steamed crabs, salted crabs, roasted crabs and so on.

Hope that after the post you will know more about awesome specialties in Phu Quoc island.