The Weather Of Phu Quoc In December

The Weather Of Phu Quoc In December

Phu Quoc is a beautiful and charming island! This island is where many people want to come to explore and experience. What have you planned for this December trip on Phu Quoc Island? Whether you like exploring nature or relaxing in the luxury resorts, Phu Quoc is definitely the ideal destination. But do you know what about traveling in Phu Quoc in December and how is Phu Quoc weather in December yet, let's check this post to prepare for the trip to this wonderful tropical tourist destination!

Overview of Phu Quoc climate

Because Phu Quoc Island is located in the Gulf of Thailand, surrounded by the sea, the weather is mild and cool all year round. The climate is divided into two distinct seasons.

The dry season on Phu Quoc Island starts from November to April of the lunar calendar next year, this is the ideal time to travel to Phu Quoc. In this season, the island is influenced by northeast monsoon with relatively strong intensity, the average wind speed varies from 2.8 to 4.0m / s. In the dry season, the average humidity is 78%, the highest temperature is 35 Celsius degrees in April and May, and the average temperature is about 27-28 Celsius degrees.

The rainy season starts from May to October on Phu Quoc Island. Island is the gateway to the West-Southwest monsoon, average wind speed is 4.5 m / s. Strong winds usually occur in June, July, and August. During the rainy season, the humidity is 85 to 90%, the average rainfall is 414 mm / month. According to some recent studies, the wind potential on Phu Quoc Island is very large, so it is possible to build wind power stations enough to supply several thousand people on the island. In addition, during the rainy season, the wind is quite strong, so it is possible to organize surfing competitions in some beach areas of Phu Quoc.

In Phu Quoc, the annual average temperature is between 25 Celsius degree- 27 Celsius degree, this is the ideal place with natural advantages to build a high-quality resort, which is suitable for vacation.

The Weather Of Phu Quoc In December

The nice sunset in Phu Quoc

The weather of Phu Quoc in December

Unlike the north of Vietnam is going through cold winter days in December, South Vietnam in general and Phu Quoc Island in particular have warm and pleasant weather during this time. The most appropriate time to travel to Phu Quoc Island is from November to April every lunar year.

During this time, the weather is less rainy, the waves are quiet and convenient for the ship to travel from Rach Gia to Phu Quoc. Because it was in the dry season, the rainfall on this island was very small and the rain is very light. Temperatures also show a slight decrease compared to the previous months, around 23 Celsius degree - 31 Celsius degree, the humidity decreases slightly. According to statistics, on Phu Quoc island district, the humidity in December is usually the lowest in the year about 70%.

This type of weather is quite beautiful which is very suitable for all activities of visitors on Pearl Island. Do not hesitate to enjoy your exciting holidays to say goodbye the last days of the year and welcome the new year in the sea of ​​Phu Quoc island.

Notes when going to Phu Quoc in December

December is considered the perfect time to travel to Phu Quoc because Phu Quoc weather during this time is very beautiful, it is sunny and the sea is quiet. The ships from the mainland to Phu Quoc island at this time is very safe.

This time is very close to the New Year holiday of foreigners and the traditional Tet holiday of Vietnamese so the number of tourists coming to Phu Quoc is extremely crowded. Tourists should pay attention when traveling to Phu Quoc this time because the price of boat tickets, air tickets, and room rates increases significantly.

In order for the travel trip to be free of problems due to room price, boat ticket price, tourists should order the types of tickets and passenger cars before going from 1-2 weeks. Another issue should be noted is that you should ask the price of food before eating in Phu Quoc because some restaurants often enhance up the price of food on this occasion. Tourist destinations should be visited during December: Suoi Tranh, Ham Ninh fishing village and Bat Cave, etc.

The Weather Of Phu Quoc In December

Beautiful beach in December

Arriving in Phu Quoc in December, visitors will experience bathing in the cool blue water, resting on pure white sands and enjoying the specialties of Phu Quoc. With information on the December weather in Phu Quoc above, we hope that visitors will have a good plan for a trip to Phu Quoc Island. If you have any question about Phu Quoc tour, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you!