Trekking in Phu Quoc - Why not?

Trekking in Phu Quoc - Why not?

What is more joyful than going trekking through the mountains and rivers of Phu Quoc National Park on the beautiful island of Phu Quoc? Visiting here, you will be fascinated about what is waiting for you at the end of this particular journey.

However, you probably have no idea about whether to hire a local for guidance, and the route to the National Park.

Don’t worry. With our guides, you’ll be able to explore the hidden beauty of Phu Quoc in the most interesting and memorable way.

Where is Phu Quoc National Park?

Entering Phu Quoc National Park, you will begin the journey to conquer and explore primeval forests with diverse flora and fauna.

The deeper you go to the park, the more obvious the murmur of streams and the chirping of the rare birds. The image of the hills covered with greenery appears as a sweet love song of a composer named Nature given for pearl island.

Phu Quoc National Park

Phu Quoc National Park

Phu Quoc National Park was launched in 2001, located north of the island and accounts for about 70% of the island area, more than 31,000 hectares. Within its territory, Phu Quoc National Park possesses three large mountain ranges on the island, including Ham Ninh, Ham Rong, and Ganh Dau with 60 km of beautiful coastline.

What you will experience

The total length of the road crossing the Phu Quoc National Park is about 90 km long with 12 bridges to pass. It is divided into several sections, starting from Ham Ninh.

Exploring vegetation

The area plays a role as a national park, so the flora here is exceptionally abundant. The main trees that live in Phu Quoc National Park are perennial evergreen trees and grow on low mountainous terrain.

You can easily see the large tree species, the precious and beautiful orchid species, as well as the rare herbs such as Chinese knotweed, licorice, and hardy rubber tree, etc.

Blowing the summer heat with streams

In addition to the various green nuances of trees, old forests are also dotted with bright white patches of waterfalls and streams. In particular, it must mention the famous streams and waterfalls originating from Ham Ninh range like Tranh stream, Da Ban, and Da Ngon.

Enjoying the fresh water in Phu Quoc streams

Enjoying the fresh water in Phu Quoc streams

For Tranh stream and Da Ban stream, you should go in the rainy season because, in the dry season, these streams dry up. But do not worry because Phu Quoc National Park also has the beautiful 7-storey Da Ngon stream flowing all year round. It is also one of the most beautiful springs in pearl island.

Conquering the "roof of Phu Quoc"

Coming to Phu Quoc National Park, you definitely cannot ignore climbing on the mountain, especially the God mountain located in Bai Thom commune - also known as "the roof of Phu Quoc.”

It is the highest one in Phu Quoc with a height of 603 m, belonging to Ham Ninh range. From the top, you can see the panorama of the forest, a breathtakingly beautiful sight that cannot be found anywhere else.

In addition to God mountain, in Phu Quoc National Park, there is also the Heaven mountain of Ham Ninh range which also possesses an extremely overwhelming vision. From the peak, the whole national park appears as a landscape picture painted by the most talented artists.

Some small tips for a perfect trekking journey in Phu Quoc

Traveling to Phu Quoc National Park by boat

Traveling to Phu Quoc National Park by boat

  • The most common way to explore the national park is to take a Phu Quoc Southern island day tour. However, you can also get there by motorbike, bicycle, or by car/jeep.
  • The trail in the Phu Quoc National Forest is probably the most accessible and most popular trail on the island, so you don't have to worry about getting lost.
  • Also, you can rent a taxi or motorbike taxi. The motorbike taxi driver will take you to the national forest entrance and be there for you until you finish the journey.
  • Otherwise, you can hire a local fisher to you down Rach Tram river by boat into the Phu Quoc National Forest for a price of VND 200,000-300,000 VND.
  • You should ask the accommodation host for information about some possible situations when you go on your own.
  • Bring enough drinking water and fill the gas tank before you start your journey. You can refuel at a gas station in Ganh Dau commune.
  • The best time to see wild animals is at dawn, and if you plan to come here sooner, bring the mosquito/insect repellent.

Phu Quoc National Park is one of the national parks in the Southern region still retaining intact the primeval forest and untouched beauty of woods, sea, streams, and mountains. Hence, this place has become an exciting place for tourists and visitors, especially those who love to go trekking and conquer nature. Please like and share the article with others if you find it useful. Thank you.