Useful information for transferring in Phu Quoc Island

Useful information for transferring in Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island is an amazing destination in Vietnam with a lot of wonderful and interesting things for traveling. Therefore, there are a lot of tourists wanting to visit the place one time, especially in summer. It is the reason why the post will introduce the best way to transfer to Phu Quoc Island.

1/ Where is Phu Quoc?

Useful information for transferring in Phu Quoc Island

If you transfer from HCMC to Phu Quoc Island, you will have to spend 50 minutes to transfer by flight. Phu Quoc Island located in the Gulf of Thailand which is natural and untouched paradise covers an area of about 580 km2. Furthermore, Phu Quoc Island is an indispensable point of Southeast Asia because it is relatively close to many major cities like Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City, and even Hong Kong. As part of Kien Giang Province, Phu Quoc Island District includes the island and 105 wonderful islands of all sizes. The island is 46 km from Ha Tien, the nearest mainland town of the province.

2/ How to transfer in Phu Quoc island

Phu Quoc Island is always wonderful and amazing destinations for traveling in Vietnam. Therefore, the big question of almost tourists when visiting the place is how to transfer to Phu Quoc Island.

-  Boat

Boats are convenient means of transportation to travel around Phu Quoc Island to visit and especially go fishing. For a group of 1-4 people, the boat can be rented for $ 80 /boat/day. Every additional person will be charged $ 8 per person. Therefore, almost tourists choose the way for transferring to Phu Quoc Island.

Useful information for transferring in Phu Quoc Island

-  Bus

In order to have you save money for transferring, tourists can catch a public bus for traveling around the island. There are 3 main bus lines in Phu Quoc Island including 27, 28, and 29. Price for a ticket of Phu Quoc island is from USD$2- USD$2, 5.

-  Renting a private car

Besides using public bus and boat for traveling in Phu Quoc Island, tourists can also rent a private car for traveling around the island which will help you feel comfortable for traveling. In fact, you can get a car very easy in rental services at most travel agencies. They have many package options for you to choose from. Depending on the number of seats, the price may vary from $ 100 (7 seats) - $ 300 (46 seats) for 3-day packages. This package is a convenient and convenient way to allow visitors more flexibility in planning their journey for their interests. Furthermore, if you rent a private car for 1 day only, you will have to spend about USD$35/day which is more expensive than renting a private car in 3 days. Therefore you should check out price carefully before renting a car for traveling.

-  Motorbike

Motorbike is one of the popular ways of transferring to Phu Quoc Island and is considered as the best way for young travelers because it helps tourists save money and travel more than other means. Motorbike rentals are usually provided at most hotels. You just need to consult with the receptionist to rent a motorbike. Prices cannot exceed $ 6- $ 8 per day depending on the type of motorbike.

-  Taxi

Taxis can be the most convenient way for people who want to go where they are headed. Taxi prices are calculated according to the airline's regulations according to each km. Sasco and Mai Linh Taxi are two reliable airlines. Therefore, you can choose taxi for two of reputable taxi’s brands for traveling.

-  Walking

It's best to stroll around Duong Dong Market and enjoy the daily life of the locals here. Just stop in front of a food shop or a store that you find much more interesting than traveling by car or motorbike.

Useful information for transferring in Phu Quoc Island

3/ How to transfer to Phu Quoc island

The best way to transfer from other destinations in Vietnam to Phu Quoc Island is flight. Vietjet Air and Vietnam Airlines have daily flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc and vice versa. Flight times typically range from 50 to 60 minutes and one-way rates cost between $ 60-100. Vietnam Airlines has opened direct flights from Singapore to Phu Quoc to help Singaporeans and foreigners living in Singapore can move quickly and easily. Therefore, when traveling from Singapore to Phu Quoc Island, the flight is considered as the best way for traveling.

-  Phu Quoc Airport

This is a civil airport on Duong Dong town in the center of Phu Quoc Island. It can only receive smaller aircraft such as Fokker 70 or ATR 72, but it is currently being improved for larger aircraft to land in the near future. June 2011, Duong Dong airport only has flights operated by Vietnam Airlines and Air Mekong. Air Mekong maintains direct flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc, while Vietnam Airlines provides routes from Can Tho to the same destination. Fares for these flights vary range from 40 USD to 200 USD depending on the route and economy of the business class. You can contact the airline or ticket agencies to make a reservation.

Useful information for transferring in Phu Quoc Island

-    From Phu Quoc Airport to the center of Phu Quoc Island

Duong Dong Airport is only 2 km from Duong Dong Town, so you can easily reach the town by various means of transportation. There are taxis or motorbikes available outside the airport and cost about 1.5-2 USD to get to your hotel.

Hope that after the post, tourists will have the full and useful information for traveling in Phu Quoc Island.  Furthermore, if you need more information about traveling, you don’t forget to visit our website to get more information.