Duong Dong Town

Duong Dong Town

Situated in the west of Phu Quoc Island with the population of 80,000 people, Duong Dong is the center –the largest town of the pearl island. 

Duong Dong – the heart of Phu Quoc

Duong Dong is home to lots of hotels, resorts, restaurants, banks, hospital as well as some areas of fish sauce production and pepper gardens. Phu Quoc International Airport is also located here. All Phu Quoc tours have a stopover at Duong Dong with Tran Hung Dao Street situated parallel to the most famous beach of Phu Quoc – the Long beach

What to explore in Duong Dong Town

Duong Dong market

The market often opens very early in the morning with the main products of fresh seafood, vegetables, and utensils. Also, Duong Dong market also provides fruits and some Phu Quoc’s specialties such as the mushroom and pepper. The price here is very affordable. The market is located behind some big buildings and a bridge, so it is quite difficult to find it. 

Duong Dong Night Market

Duong Dong Night Market

Duong Dong Harbor

Duong Dong harbor is located on Duong Dong River, where is the gateway of fishing boats and tourist ships. This is an interesting place for visitors to see colorful fish boats and see fishermen unload the rice fish (the main ingredient in Phu Quoc fish sauce). If you want to go fishing at night or explore the northern islands, you can rent a private boat here. 

Dinh Cau beach

Dinh Cau beach is a small beach in Duong Dong town situated behind the night market. It is an ideal spot to watch the sunset. 

Cao Dai Temple

Standing on the highest point of Cao Dai Temple, you can see the panorama of Phu Quoc National Park, Duong Dong Town, and Dinh Cau Temple. Remember to get dressed nicely when coming here. 

Dinh Cau Temple and the Lighthouse

It is one of the most tourist spots in Duong Dong – considered as the symbol of this land. 

Phu Quoc Pepper Gardens

Phu Quoc pepper gardens

Phu Quoc pepper gardens

You can go to the edge of the town on the 30/4 Road. There are three pepper gardens opened for tourists to visit. 

Night fishing

You can try your talents with squid fishing at night by taking a Phu Quoc tour organized in advance, departing from Duong Dong Town.


There are a lot of choices for bars in Phu Quoc, of which some most famous ones are Rory’s, Pirate Cove, Drunkn’s Monkey or Chez Carole. 

Where to eat in Duong Dong Town

International cuisine

If you want to try Italian, Russian, Indian or Mexico dishes, head to Tran Hung Dao Street. Some suggestions are Le Deauville (French restaurant), or Ganesh Indian Restaurant.

Phu Quoc Seafood

Phu Quoc seafood

The delicious seafood of Phu Quoc

The night market is famous for Phu Quoc seafood. You can also buy local food or bread here.

Vietnamese cuisine

You can come to 30/4 Road to enjoy some famous Vietnamese dishes such as Pho, broken rice (com tam) or Hue beef noodles. Some restaurants: Pho Cali, Fanny’s (Café and fast food), Song Xanh restaurant, Le Giang 2 Restaurant, Sim Vuon or Thanh Dieu (Vegetarian restaurant). 

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