One of the most sacred places in Phu Quoc - Sung Hung Pagoda

One of the most sacred places in Phu Quoc - Sung Hung Pagoda

Phu Quoc island is not only a beautiful natural tourist site but also a cultural and historical destination such as Phu Quoc prison, Sung Hung pagoda, etc. If you are having a Phu Quoc trip, let’s take a visit to Sung Hung pagoda to learn the specific traditional Southern Vietnam architecture and feel the peaceful religious atmosphere.

Overview of Sung Hung pagoda

Sung Hung pagoda of Phu Quoc island

Sung Hung pagoda of Phu Quoc island (​)

Sung Hung pagoda is a very distinctive architectural structure which represents for a special ancient southern Vietnam’s pagoda. The front of the pagoda faces to the north. The area around Sung Hung pagoda is covered with huge trees and bonsai trees. In order to enter the pagoda, you will go through a ladder structure which goes higher in every step, then you will reach a huge gate with 3 entrances called “cong tam quan”. This is an important architectural feature which represents for Buddhism.

There is a small way leading you to the yard of the pagoda where you stand under the foot of a white statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (Goddess of Mercy). Actually, there is the main hall that is decorated very sophisticatedly and careful. Entering the main hall, you will see the altar which is painted red and yellow, this is a sitting place of the three most important Buddhas including Amitabha, Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva, and Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. Behind the statues, this is a famous masterpiece with the name “flying dragon” by artist Cao Sanh.

The pagoda also has a famous bell name “Dai Hong Chung” which is a great bell that its sound can echo out the entire island. Besides that, there are many engraved sentences written in Chinese about Buddhist philosophy and worthy sculptures.

History of Sung Hung pagoda

The special architecture of Sung Hung pagoda

The special architecture of Sung Hung pagoda (​)

Sung Hung pagoda was built in the early 10th century including two main worshipping houses, this is considered the oldest religious construction on the island and also proves the footprint of people civilizing this island in centuries ago.

Nowadays, Sung Hung pagoda is located in Tran Hung Dao street, Duong Dong town on Phu Quoc island. The pagoda is a complex of Sung Nghia and Hung Nhan pagodas which were built in the early half of 20th century, this pagoda has become a prestige and sacred place for locals on the island to visit and pray for the luckiness and happiness.

This sacred pagoda has undergone two major restorations but basically, the architecture of Sung Hung pagoda still keeps intact throughout the years. Visiting Sung Hung pagoda, devotees and tourists will be drowned in a peaceful religious ambiance, the front courtyard of the pagoda features plenty of Bodhi trees. Besides that, there is a statue of the Goddess of Mercy standing in the middle of a lotus pond, a sanctum house with a bronze bell inside, and numerous sculptures á well as red lacquered boards with engraved writings. Sung Hung pagoda opens daily to welcome the prayers and tourists, there is no entrance fee to visit Sung Hung pagoda. But when coming to the pagoda, you should dress conservatively to respect for the monks and fit the sacred atmosphere of the pagoda.

Inside the pagoda

Inside the pagoda

How to get to Sung Hung pagoda

From Duong Dong town, you go along the Tran Phu street and head to 30/4 street, then turn left on Tran Hung Dao street, here Sung Hung pagoda appears in front of your eyes right on the end of the street.

It is good to rent a motorbike to drive to the pagoda because the way is easy to move and find out.

What to explore at Sung Hung pagoda

There is a big banyan tree in the area of Sung Hung pagoda where you can sit and enjoy the peaceful ambiance. Moreover, Sung Hung pagoda is surrounded by many huge and old trees with beautiful and strange shapes. The main entrance of the pagoda conforms to a traditional three-gate style.

Entering the pagoda, you will be overwhelmed by the structures inside Sung Hung pagoda. The statue of the Mercy Goddess standing in a blooming lotus in the middle of the courtyard is a specific sculpture which represents for craved art of Vietnamese people. In the main hall, you will be admired the three Buddha is sitting on the altar in the zen pose with the graceful facial gesture. On the wall of the main hall, you can see a masterpiece named “The journey to the west” describing the journey of monk Duong Tang and his students to the west to receive the Buddhist scripture.

Various statues inside Sung Hung pagoda

Various statues inside Sung Hung pagoda

Going along the main hall, you will come to the sacred place worshipping the national hero of Nguyen Trung Truc, this is the person who devoted his life for fighting against the French colonists and protected the peaceful living of local people.

Sung Hung pagoda is one of the highlight destinations for you to visit on Phu Quoc island. If you have any questions about the tour Phu Quoc, let’s contact us to get more details. Thank you!