Explore East Phu Quoc Island

Explore East Phu Quoc Island

East Phu Quoc Island is a sightseeing area with the most attractions in Phu Quoc, so it is a big mistake if you ignore a tour exploring the eastern side of the island.

So in fact, what is special about the tour of the East Phu Quoc Island?

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About Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is a famous tourist destination not only known for its green beauty, smooth white sand stretching from Sao beach, Dai beach, the ancient and pristine fishing villages like Ham Ninh fishing village, Rach Vem fishing village, all made it possible for not only domestic tourists but also foreign guests to set foot here.

Tourist destinations in East Phu Quoc

Dinh Cau temple

Arriving in Phu Quoc, you will not be able to ignore a beautiful work made up of rocks and sea, that is Dinh Cau.

What is Dinh Cau cape?

Dinh Cau is one of the beautiful sights of Phu Quoc for local fishermen to worship. Dinh Cau attracts tourists because of not only the wonderful natural landscape but also the mysterious and sacred ancient legends. Dinh Cau is also called Long Vuong shrine, 200m from Duong Dong town to the west.

From the white sandy beach to 29 stone steps to the shrine, the majesty on the roof of the temple is the image of a "two dragons playing the gem". Inside the main hall, it is the worshiping place of Lord Ngoc Princess and two "Uncle" - nobles who protect the islanders. Standing on Dinh Cau temple, you look out Duong Dong Market in the far away.

Explore East Phu Quoc Island

Dinh Cau temple

Phu Quoc pepper gardens

Coming to East Phu Quoc island, you will visit Phu Quoc pepper garden - the largest pepper garden in the Mekong Delta and was dubbed the "Kingdom of pepper". Phu Quoc pepper is famous for its spicy flavor which is more aromatic than other types of pepper grown in other countries. People who are always friendly invite you to visit their silky green pepper gardens. After visiting, you can buy some dried pepper as a gift for relatives.

Tranh stream

Another attraction in East Phu Quoc island is equally attractive: Tranh stream. Tranh stream is made up of many small streams flowing through the forest and ravines. This stream is full of water from May to November every year, while in the dry season Tranh stream often runs out of water. This is a beautiful natural landscape, an interesting place for camping and picnics, you can freely climb the mountain, take a spring bath or enjoy a photo of the magnificent landscape here.

Explore East Phu Quoc Island

Tranh stream

Ham Ninh fishing village

Next, you will arrive in Ham Ninh ancient fishing village. The life of the fishermen here almost remains untouched with temporary bamboo cottages. The main occupation of fishermen here is still pearl breeding, catching sea cucumbers and spreading crab nets.

Visit Ham Ninh in the early morning or late afternoon, you will have the opportunity to watch the beautiful sunrise on the coast or enjoy the moonlit nights, then you will know all the beauty of the place. Many people said that when coming to Ham Ninh, it is such a mistake to not enjoy boiled crabs. The crabs are just caught up and boiled with bright red, solid meat, it is so great to enjoy it with lemon pepper salt!

Pearl cultivating farm

It can be said that the name of Pearl island partly means the sparkling pearls produced on this island, visitors will see firsthand the process of separating pearls, discovering how to cultivate pearls as well. You can buy pearls here as gifts.

Phu Quoc Prison

The destination not to be missed in East Phu Quoc tours is the Phu Quoc prison - the place is known as the hell on earth, it is the lively pieces of evidence of the evilness that the enemy brutally tormented the patriotic soldiers, you can firsthand see it through the photographs and documentary here.

Explore East Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc prison

Sao Beach

Listed in the top of one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches of Phu Quoc, Sao beach has become a symbol for Phu Quoc tourism with the image of a clear blue sea, white sand, golden sun and the lines of coconut trees.

The fish sauce production facility

Visit the place where this kind of spice has been produced, which makes the brand of Vietnamese cuisine, you will feel the magic in Phu Quoc fish sauce craft of making. With the process of composting fish in giant wooden crates, drops of delicious fish sauce will be bottled and consumed throughout the country.

Sim wine brewing facilities

Traveling Phu Quoc but not yet enjoying Sim wine is not completed, coming to Sim wine brewing facility, visitors are able to enjoy and learn the process of making the Sim wine of the island people.

It can be said that traveling to Phu Quoc has become the trend of many tourists who want to spend their holidays in nature and forget the dust and noise of the city. Understanding this wish of many tourists, Phu Quoc tours are scheduled to serve whenever visitors need. So let's put aside the work, pick up the suitcase and come to Pearl island!