Top popular things to do in Phu Quoc Island

Top popular things to do in Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc is one of the most popular attractions in Vietnam. There are not only beautiful beaches but also many interesting places, things, and activities awaiting you to explore.

However, when you come to a new land, if you do not learn about it in advance, your experiences will easily become terrible.

If you have no idea about the most popular activities here, you should not ignore this article. Surely, you will be surprised, excited and want to come to the island immediately.

Top popular things to do in Phu Quoc Island

  1. Exploring Dinh Cau night market
  2. Diving to admire coral reefs
  3. Squid fishing on wild islands
  4. Trekking through primary forests
  5. Enjoying delicious seafood
  6. Visiting Phu Quoc fishing villages
  7. Enjoying the most beautiful beaches
  8. Joining fascinating activities on the sea
  9. Drinking at a bar
  10. Visiting Phu Quoc Prison

Best 10 things to do in Phu Quoc

Exploring Dinh Cau night market

Phu Quoc night market

Phu Quoc night market

Dinh Cau night market is a crowded market on Vo Thi Sau street, extending over 200 meters. The market is operated from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm near the beach of Duong Dong town which is about 100 meters from Dinh Cau. The whole area has over 100 booths spreading on both sides of the road, including souvenir, handicraft, cosmetics, jewelry, and Phu Quoc pearl stalls. The most famous area in the market is the food court specializing in serving dishes made from fresh seafood such as seafood porridge, seafood rice, and rice noodle with grilled chopped fish, etc.

However, the price here is quite high. If tourists want to save more money, they can buy fresh seafood at Duong Dong market near the ferry bridge on Nguyen Trung Truc street and bring to Thien Hai Son resort to hire people here processing and the fees range from VND 50,000-100,000/kilogram.

Diving to admire coral reefs

Coming to Phu Quoc beaches, visitors should not miss things to do in Phu Quoc in the clear blue water with a series of unspoiled beach, sunbathe on the smooth white sand under the green coconut trees. In addition, the diverse marine ecosystem of the Southern An Thoi archipelago or Mong Tay island, Doi Moi island, Thay Boi island, and Hon Thom island in the north of Phu Quoc island are ideal places for travelers to explore the marine world, especially the coral reefs that are at the top in Vietnam in terms of the abundance with 17 different scleractinia, alcyonacea coral, and sea anemone species.

The service of diving to see the coral in Phu Quoc is offered by many Phu Quoc hotels and resorts at a price ranging from VND 350,000 to VND 500,000 per person.

Squid fishing on wild islands

Squid fishing in Phu Quoc

Squid fishing in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc night squid fishing is a tourist activity that gives visitors the experience as fishermen. Usually, this activity is organized by local travel agencies.

When night falls, in the sparkle of the night lights, squid fishing in the middle of the sea becomes lively. At that time, releasing the soul between the immense water and the wind of the sea is the hobby of the anglers.

Mostly this activity is operated at night, especially on the moonlit days or when the moon is brightest (fishing under the moonlight). Phu Quoc is divided into two seasons. Usually, in the dry season from November to April next year, visitors can fish at Duong Dong port, Phu Quoc, and in the rainy season from May to October, tourists can go fishing in Bai Sao port.

Depending on the number of guests, the demand for squid fishing tour in Phu Quoc also varies. However, the average tour price is about VND 280,000/person. If you go separately then the travel agency will quote for you. Normally, when organizing night squid fishing tours, the units have set up a light meal with squid porridge, fruits, etc. for visitors.

Trekking through primary forests

For those who are passionate adventurers, this is the perfect choice for what to do in Phu Quoc island. Visitors can book a tour to discover the North island and the national reservations of Da Ngon stream, Ganh Dau. Some adventurous travelers explore the primary forest on their own or just hire a local guide during their trekking Phu Quoc tour here.

Enjoying delicious seafood

Phu Quoc seafood

Phu Quoc seafood

This emerald Island is a place where tourists can enjoy the rich Phu Quoc seafood specialties and other unique products. The typical dishes include herring salad, Ham Ninh crabs, grilled sea snails with salt, chili, and onions, grilled egg squids, horn scallops, and “tram” mushrooms, etc. Furthermore, travelers can buy specialties as gifts for friends and family like fish sauce, pepper, pearls, dried seafood, and many types of cake, etc.

Visiting Phu Quoc fishing villages

When it comes to Phu Quoc fishing village, people will immediately think of Ham Ninh fishing village in the East island. This is a long-standing village and has an idyllic beauty, with the silvery color of the sea waves and the coconut trees soaring in the wind, playing on the symphony of sky and sea in Phu Quoc island.

People live mainly by fishing and exploiting the specialties of the ocean. And now, this area has been put into the utilization of tourism potential.

Besides Ham Ninh, Phu Quoc has many other fishing villages with a life expectancy of several decades, such as Cua Can, Ganh Dau, Rach Vem, and Rach Tram. Every place has its own highlight, so you can learn many great things about local people and life when discovering the top 5 Phu Quoc fishing villages.

Enjoying the most beautiful beaches

Beautiful island beaches of Phu Quoc

Beautiful island beaches of Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc pearl island possesses endless coastline and rows of coconut trees on the white sand. The most famous is Sao beach, Long beach, but there are many other pristine beaches that are waiting for you to explore such as Khem beach, Ong Lang, Ganh Dau, Rach Vem, Vong beach, and Thom beach.

They are very wild and not exploited as much as Nha Trang or Da Nang beaches. In addition to swimming and enjoying the cool water in the best beaches in Phu Quoc, you will also have the opportunity to participate in many activities in the sea.

Joining fascinating activities on the sea

You might think Phu Quoc beaches are pristine and there won't be much to play here. However, the truth is different.

Not only swimming, Phu Quoc beach is very clear and if you come to this island in the beautiful season of the year, it is also very quiet, favorable for many interesting activities on the sea like jet skiing & water sports. These include parasailing, jet-skiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, and kayaking.

Surely, with these unique experiences, your trip to Phu Quoc will be extremely unforgettable and fun.

Drinking at a bar

Rory's beach bar

Rory's beach bar

In addition to pristine and majestic nature, you should not miss the very Western Phu Quoc bars and high-quality services. You can enjoy cool drinks and panoramic views from above at Skye Bar, Chuon Chuon Bistro & Sky Bar, and Q Sky Bar. Or, you should not miss the opportunity to watch the beautiful sunset on the sea at Rory’s Beach Bar or Golden Sand Bar.

Visiting Phu Quoc Prison

Phu Quoc Prison is also known as the "Coconut Tree Prison" in An Thoi town, Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang province. This place is a powerful testament to the hard struggle and indomitable spirit of the Vietnamese people in the war against the French colonialists and the American empire.

At the time of the resistance war, here, the colonial government, the empire, and the minions imprisoned hundreds of prisoners with brutal and barbaric forms of torture. It is also the central prisoner of prison throughout the Republic of Vietnam, each holding more than 32,000 prisoners (40,000 prisoners if including political prisoners for many periods).

Phu Quoc Prison is an interesting historical destination for domestic and foreign tourists, is a place to bring you lessons of the war worthing blood and bones.


What are other things to do in Phu Quoc at night?

Phu Quoc beach at night is really interesting and has much to discover. Besides squid fishing, watching the sunset at Rory’s Beach Bar, walking and enjoying street food at Dinh Cau night market, you can also organize a BBQ party on the beach.

Currently, in Dai beach, there are many restaurants that provide these services. You can ask the hotel owner where you live for more information.

BBQ parties on the beach

BBQ parties on the beach

What are the unusual things to do in Phu Quoc?

Taking a cooking class is a very special experience for many visitors. If you join this tour, you will go with the cook to buy ingredients that are already on the menu. Then, you will have a chance to cook Phu Quoc specialties with the guidance of the chef. Finally, enjoy the dish you've made.

In addition, you should not forget to visit the Ong Doi cape. Here, you will be able to watch the sunset and sunrise in the same place because the shape of the island at Ong Doi is very special. Our advice is that you should spend a night at the resort here. Surely, your trip will be extremely interesting.

It has fine white sand, rocky rapids, majestic rocks, and colorful tropical coral reefs, etc., providing an unprecedented experience of a rare tropical marine paradise in the world.

At the end of the beach at Ong Doi is Fairy Well relic, a freshwater well located close to the coast but never dry.

What to do in Long beach Phu Quoc?

Long Beach Phu Quoc is the largest tourist complex of the island of Phu Quoc tourism, located in Duong Dong town with a coastline stretching from Dinh Cau Port to the south of Phu Quoc Island. If you visit Phu Quoc, you should definitely come here at least once because the Long beach has become close and familiar with people on Phu Quoc Island.

  • Swimming

Phu Quoc Long Beach is the busiest beach of all time, so if you love a lively, bustling space that still matches the beauty of Phu Quoc nature, then this is the right place for you.

  • Eating seafood

Along Tran Hung Dao street and the beach, there are many delicious Phu Quoc restaurants. So when you come here, you can watch the sea and enjoy the tasty seafood. This is a great fusion of delicious food and enjoying space.

  • Enjoying massage

If you like massage, there are many massage services along the beach and the price is also very affordable. Lying under the shade of the trees, feeling the cool breeze blowing from the sea, and enjoying the massage, what's better than that?

  • Admiring sunset on the beach

Long Beach is in the southwest of Phu Quoc Island so this is also one of the beautiful places you can watch the sunset on the sea. This is also one of the best experiences of a sea trip.

  • Wandering on the coast at night

Have you ever walked along the coast in the evening? If not, try to enjoy it in Long beach Phu Quoc.

In that quiet space, you will listen to the murmur of the waves, enjoy the cool, comfortable space and watch the glittering lights of coastal resorts.

North or South Phu Quoc?

Whether you choose to travel North Island or South Island, Phu Quoc will make you satisfied.

Enjoying the cable car in the North

Enjoying the cable car in the North

If you go to the South Island, you will have the opportunity to take the cable car to Thom Island, where there are tropical beaches for you to enjoy the cool water. Besides, there are Khem beach, Ong Doi cape, Sao beach, and An Thoi archipelago. In particular, you will dive to see the coral at Mong Tay and May Rut islands in the An Thoi archipelago.

If you love the more pristine natural beauty, go to the North of the island. In addition to beaches such as Ong Lang Beach, Vung Bau Beach, Long Beach, Ganh Dau cape, you can also visit the Rach Vem fishing village, Vinpearl Safari, or kayak on the Cua Can River.

Is Phu Quoc expensive?

Usually, beach destinations, especially on the islands, will have very expensive services. However, when traveling to Phu Quoc, you can rest assured that the prices here are not very expensive, except for famous tourist spots such as Duong Dong night market or Thom Island.

In addition, if you choose to go to Phu Quoc in the low season, you will reduce quite a lot of costs.

Coming to Phu Quoc, tourists will leave the noisy and crowded city to be immersed in the blue sea, breathe the fresh air of the sea, visit the famous tourist sites, and especially enjoy the rich and attractive cuisine of Phu Quoc, etc. Hope that our guide of what to do in Phu Quoc island will help your trip more fascinating and unforgettable. If you like the place, don’t hesitate to like and share with others. Thank you!